Alex Saab’s defense team seek medical attention


“The national police of the island of Sal openly defies a judicial order, despite the deterioration of the state of health of Mr. Saab” – Dr Jose Manuel Pinto Monteiro

Alex Saab has now been detained by Cape Verdean authorities for 474 days. During this time, he was physically and psychologically tortured, deprived of most of his most basic human rights, including access to cancer care. This scenario resembles the detention centers well documented by US immigration.

On August 31, the Barlavento Court of Appeal ordered Alex Saab’s transfer from the island of Sal to Praia for urgent medical access, but the 30-day delay demonstrated complete disregard for his well-being. What this shows us is that Cape Verde has a total disregard for respect, the dignity of every person and a bias for justice for everyone.

This medical negligence is unwarranted. Despite the opinion of the Human Rights Committee, for the ill-treatment inflicted on Mr. Saab, diplomat of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the lack of response from the Cape Verdean authorities results in a malicious intentional delay, deliberately delaying the decision to impose a sadistic manipulation of the situation and Suffering.

Professor Karol Sikora, world-renowned oncologist at Imperial college UK and former head of the cancer section at the World Health Organization, said: ‘This is politically motivated technical detention, this man. did nothing wrong, he should be released and hospitalized for immediate treatment.

VIDEO of Professor Sikora, oncologist in London, UK at Imperial College giving medical advice on the situation in Cape Verde

We call on the Cape Verdean authority to follow justice and the advice of the Barlavento court to immediately transfer Alex Saab to Praia for medical treatment.


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