Best Medical Clinic: Victoria Pain & Rehab | Best of the best

For Victoria Pain and Rehab, winning the best medical clinic comes down to providing the best possible care to their patients as a team.

This is the first time that Victoria Pain & Rehab has won Best Medical Clinic after winning Best Physiotherapy twice.

“Our staff are very attentive to the needs of our patients,” said Dr. Wilson Almonte, owner of Victoria Pain & Rehab. “I think they go above and beyond to help our patients, bring them in when they need to be seen, and attend to all of their needs.”

Whether it’s their physiotherapy department or interventional pain management, the staff at the clinics are very caring and attentive to patients at the clinics beyond what they are required to do, Almonte said.

The integrity of Victoria Pain and Rehab staff has been key to the clinic’s success as they are reliable and trustworthy and this is reflected in the clinic’s patient care, he said.

“Patients know we are there for them and if they need us, we are there,” he said. “If we make a promise to a patient or say we are there for them, we stand by it. Our patients know that we have a higher level of integrity and that we are reliable.”

Victoria Pain and Rehab as a clinic is focused on treating pain with minimally invasive procedures, focusing more on hands-off, interventions and physiotherapy rather than prescribing oral painkillers like others pain clinics, Almonte said.

Some of the clinic’s procedures include epidural steroid injections, joint injections, muscle injections, Almonte said. The clinic also performs minimally invasive advanced pain procedures such as spinal cord stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators that block nerve pain, and minor invasive spinal procedures to treat neck and lower back pain.