Cole County Emergency Medical Services plans new headquarters in area with highest call volume

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Cole County Emergency Medical Services is constructing a new headquarters at the northeast corner of McCarty and Adams Street.

EMS and city officials officially announced the project Thursday afternoon at the planned project site. The project is made possible by a $2 million community development block grant awarded to Cole County and Jefferson City.

Cole County Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman said the project area had the highest call volume in the county. The planned site for the new headquarters is adjacent to the county jail and Jefferson City Hall.

“Where you stand is the number one call volume area, right here, all around us,” Bushman said. “We have more ambulance calls to serve to cover this area.”

Data from Cole County EMS proves Bushman’s point. On average, the seven ambulances stationed in the city and county of Cole County respond to 29 calls per week. Medic 2, stationed at the Cole County Jail, responds to 57 calls per week.

Cole Count EMS chief Eric Hoy said the fact that Jefferson City’s only downtown ambulance is parked inside the jail creates barriers and slows response times.

“This new facility will ensure timely access to emergency medical services for citizens of downtown Jefferson City and residents of northeast Cole County,” Hoy said.

Jefferson City leaders, Cole County officials and EMS worked together to secure the grant.

“We know that with response times, seconds matter, and keeping people safe and taking care of their lives is so important, so we know this location is going to be very central and really makes a lot of sense for that.” , Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin said.

The project is estimated at $3.7 million. Cole County EMS hopes to break ground on the building before the end of the year, but currently architects are still working on designs.