County commission approves medical care deal – The Atmore Advance

The approval of an agreement by Escambia County commissioners on Monday will result in a change in the medical care provided to inmates at the Escambia County Detention Center.

Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson said the changes will take effect August 1.

“We had some issues keeping the nursing staff on board,” Jackson said. “The county offers great benefits, but private entities can have a higher rate of pay but with fewer benefits. Most people look at what they get now rather than benefits and most people don’t want to work in a county jail.

With the agreement now in place with Southern Health Partners, Jackson said inmates would continue to receive appropriate health care while in custody.

“The nursing team will support health care at the Center and provide day-to-day service,” Jackson said. “We will have no disconnect between the nursing staff and the nurses at Southern Health Partners.”

Also at Monday’s Escambia County Commission meeting, the group approved a resolution for an agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Escambia County Transit System.

Commissioners also heard from County Engineer Bill Bridges about the amount of paving that has been completed over the past year.

“We completed $5.5 million in paving projects this year,” Bridges told the commissioners. “We still have a lot to do, but we have made a lot of progress this year.

Commission Chairman Raymond Wiggins sent words of appreciation to Bridges.

“We appreciate our road service,” Wiggins said. “We know you and the entire department are working hard to help citizens who use the county roads here.”

David Jordan took his place at the table for the first time as county attorney.