Delhi court rejects bail request of woman who opened medical clinic without diploma | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court has dismissed a woman’s bail application for opening a medical clinic despite allegedly not having a medical degree for her profession as a midwife or nurse, in a case related to death of a pregnant woman.
The judge of the additional sessions, Ravinder Bedi, stated without question that the accused did not have a diploma or medical certificate as a midwife or nurse and that as such she was not a qualified doctor.
The court noted in its order of 11 November that previously the accused worked as a midwife / assistant (auxiliary staff) in a maternity center, which is also not registered with the Medical Council India or a government agency. He added that the accused left the same location in 2002 and has since been running her own clinic.
“The documents on file would indicate that the deceased, who was five months pregnant, was taken to the accused’s clinic on 05/22/2021. The woman also deposited a sum of Rs 16,000 for her treatment. However, within 30 minutes of treatment, the deceased died and her fetus was aborted. The cause of death in the post mortem report is expected, after checking the chemical analysis report of the viscera, ”he observed.
The court noted that the discrepancies pointed out by the defendant’s lawyer in the prosecution’s file during the investigation, including the critical condition points of the deceased person, cannot be examined in the court. bail review stage because they cannot enter into a thorough analysis of the assessment of the evidence or the substantive reasons.

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