Education Officer Job – Grand County Emergency Medical Services Special Services District

The Education Officer will support exceptional educational operations by independently planning, implementing, monitoring, improving and evaluating the education provided by the department; build an effective educational team; inspire staff to achieve quality patient care and other goals; develop systems and processes to meet and exceed educational and organizational standards; maintain clinical operational readiness; ensuring operational security; preserve assets; create a positive public image; lead as a member of the management team to achieve mission and goals. The education manager must also meet all of the requirements of the shift supervisor position.

Continuing medical education: The Education Manager will plan and develop the department’s continuing medical education programs and additional continuing education. Ensure that staff receive high quality and applicable training in all areas of EMS.

· Plan and organize weekly shift training.

· Supervise the monthly CME in the evening.

· Train and retain a cadre of instructors and work with all interested members to develop their teaching abilities.

· Communicate the dates, times and topics of these early and often.

· Ensure that instructors are selected, guided and prepared.

· Ensures that all equipment (mannequins, A/V, etc.) is available and in good working order.

· Ensure that topics and trainings are aligned with the current needs and expectations of the department.

· Received feedback from staff and others on the training and adjusted as necessary.

· Work with the Quality Manager in the development of educational content based on QA/IQ metrics.

Departmental training manager: The Education Manager will ensure that all required education standards are met and staff maintain the correct certifications.

· Complete all mandatory employee training and education.

· Communicate gaps to employees/management regarding their certifications.

· Manage the recertification process for NAEMT and the State of Utah.

· Ensure training and CME planning meets all employee recertification requirements.

· Acts as a representative of the EMS program for children.

Development of employee knowledge/skills: The education manager will monitor employee education development and provide feedback.

· Develop education action plans to address gaps in the system in collaboration with the Quality Manager.

· Ride with crews to help assess educational needs in the department.

· Evaluates learners’ performance, provides feedback and develops remediation plans for learners.

· In collaboration with the quality manager and the medical director, develop the annual skills required.

· Plan annual skills tests with the quality manager.

· Assess outside training opportunities for use within the department.

Public education: The Director of Education will be the primary contact for all public education programs offered by the Department. They will help the ministry meet community expectations for education and help improve citizen preparedness to respond to emergencies.

· Oversees community EMT courses, including acting as course coordinator.

· Develops and implements a community education program (eg Stop the bleed, bike safety, CPR in schools).

· Oversee American Heart Association Training Center operations, including training site evaluation, instructor development, and quality assurance of AHA courses.

Ensures that all administrative requirements of the educational program are met, including calculation and submission of grades, maintenance of program, course and student/participant records, and preparation and submission of data and reports.

· Creates a positive public image of the department.