Ex-policeman Tomo Marjanovic builds multi-million dollar medical clinic

Tomo Marjanovic’s success story is built on discipline, passion and a desire to help people.

When Tomislav “Tomo” Marjanovic decided to end his career as a police officer in 2018, many people thought he was ruining his future. Now that’s another story. Marjanovic shattered expectations and conventions with his successful trip. He went from a law enforcement officer to managing director and founder of Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic, a multi-million dollar medical company.

Venturing into businesses after law enforcement can be seen as something out of the norm. But Marjanovic says what he’s learned in law enforcement can be used in business. Law enforcement officers have many skills that can be translated into a business context. What matters is how these skills are used to their advantage.

Marjanovic’s course has not been easy. He was slandered, belittled, and even incurred a lot of debt. He went through all kinds of setbacks and negativity that would have made a lot of people give up. However, Marjanovic says it’s all part of the journey.

Three years ago Marjanovic was a police officer. A year and a half ago he was new to business and had nearly $ 40,000 in debt. Six months after starting his business, Marjanovic had to change brands and continue without any financial support. But six months later he got paid for the first time as a business owner.

Today, Marjanovic is completely debt-free, financially stable and successful owner of the Aspire Rejuvenation clinic and its subsidiaries. Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic is a leading specialty clinic brand known for its comprehensive health and wellness services.

Marjanovic says he is still not close to the goal he has set for himself. He wants to do more amazing things and help more people. In five years, Marjanovic says he plans to expand his clinics throughout the United States. He will also publish his book “LEO to CEO” in 2022.

“Whatever excites you, keep going. Whatever your goal, keep going. Aspire to inspire.

Learn more about Marjanovic’s medical center, Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic, at https://www.aspirerejuvenation.com/about-us/.

About Tomo Marjanovic

Tomo Marjanovic, Founder and CEO of Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic, is an entrepreneur dedicated to helping people lead better lives through innovative treatments. He holds Advanced BHRT certification from Worldlink Medical and was recently named one of the Top 100 Visionaries in Healthcare by the International Forum on Advances in Healthcare (IFAH).

About Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic

Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic is a premier wellness and rejuvenation center located in Orlando, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is dedicated to providing a range of health and wellness services designed to help his patients achieve optimal health, regardless of age. To provide services to more people, Aspire Rejuvenation also offers virtual tours using its telemedicine platform.

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