Florida Medical Clinic Announces Post Acute Care Network for Patients After Hospital Discharge | News

TAMPA, Florida, 20 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Florida Medical Clinic is proud to announce a new network of care for patients requiring prolonged therapy or rehabilitation after discharge. The post-acute care network consists of 24 hospitalists, seven home health agencies and ten qualified nursing establishments across Tampa Bay.

Doctors cite more and more the importance of continuity of care for patients after discharge from a hospital stay. CEO of Florida Medical Clinic Joe delatorre noted a lack of adequate post-acute care for patients considered not sick enough to stay in hospital, but not well enough to return home. In response, Florida Medical Clinic hospitalists are now partnering with local skilled nursing facilities to help patients transition from hospital to home.

Patients now have the option of choosing a home health care facility or provider in partnership with Florida Medical Clinic. Through this network, patients can have their recovery supervised by the same doctors who treated them in the hospital.

“As the Florida Medical Clinic continues to assess how best to treat our patients, we have identified a real need to eliminate the disruption in the coordination of care that occurs between a critical hospitalization and the post-acute area,” said the CEO Joe delatorre noted. “FMC has restructured our Hospitalist program to deliver the best quality and best value on the market. The result is a coordinated team taking care of our patients during hospitalization and rehabilitation.

For more details on Florida Medical CLinic’s Post Acute Care Network, contact Katie North at (813) 255-3910.

In 1993, the founders of the Florida Medical Clinic set one ideal: to provide a better way to organize and deliver high-quality, cost-effective health care to the community.

Today, the Florida Medical Clinic is proud to include more than 380 providers and nearly 2,000 employees at more than 50 sites across that of Florida Pasco East and Hillsborough counties. The facilities include two emergency care clinics and three outpatient surgery centers. Florida Medical Clinic physicians provide care in over 40 different medical specialties.

Through 28 years of growth, ever-changing patient needs, and a global pandemic, the Florida Medical Clinic remains dedicated to our mission to be the best choice for patients in our community.

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