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Former medical clinic space converted to housing on Capitol Hill

The property of a former medical clinic on Capitol Hill was recently converted into a co-housing apartment complex and four bi-level condominiums.

The cohousing community at 201 Eight St. NE, called Oslo Capitol Hill, has five floors, each with a cohousing unit and six bedrooms. The floors have a central common living space, a kitchen with a large island and an in-unit washer and dryer.

Individual personal spaces, including bedrooms and a private bathroom for each bedroom, are intentionally small to entice residents to spend more time in common areas. The common spaces at the back of each floor have large windows that open onto a balcony or terrace and communicate with the backyard.

Artist-in-Residence Calder Brannock curated DC-specific art installations for each unit.

Ditto Residential and EL Studio Architects converted the Capitol Hill property. The building was built on the site of the former medical office. The condos were built on the site’s former parking lot.

The community’s prime location provides walking accessibility to government buildings, museums, restaurants, shopping and is close to Stanton Park and Lincoln Park. The architects also designed the buildings with an inner courtyard common to the co-owners, another courtyard for the joint tenants, and terraces and balconies for each apartment.

All four condos, located at 207-209 Eighth St. NE, have been sold. These are new construction with a similar height, width and depth from the projection of the bay windows to the townhouses along Eighth Street. While the split-level, stacked condos are modern, they include brickwork details to echo the historic details of neighboring homes.

The central courtyard has white siding and white patio tiles to maximize light for the surrounding residences. Each unit also has a private outdoor area. The two upper level units have roof terraces and the two lower level units each have a terraced backyard.

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