Genesis Davenport Medical Center Gets Level III Trauma Reverification

Genesis Medical Center-Davenport will continue to treat and care for trauma patients after being rechecked as a Level III trauma care facility by the Office of Emergency and Trauma Services of the Department of Public Health’s Iowa (IDPH). The re-verification is for a period of three years Genesis Davenport Medical Center Gets Level III Trauma Reverificationperiod.

Level III re-verification means the hospital has demonstrated the ability to provide rapid assessment, resuscitation, surgery, intensive care and stabilization of injured patients and emergency operations.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for the quality trauma care Genesis provides to our community,” said Jacob Zisette, RN. aut., MHA, Director of Intensive Care, GMC-Davenport. “This recognition is a testament to the teamwork and dedication of all Genesis colleagues who have a role to play in the care of trauma patients.

“I would like to thank the trauma teams at GMC-Davenport for their hard work in preparing for and participating in the successful investigation.”

In its final assessment, the IDPH investigative team noted that the GMC-Davenport Trauma Program does “outstanding” work with interdisciplinary collaboration and keeps trauma team members active and engaged. “This collaborative effort between all the specialty lines leads to the continuity of care which is a strength for the injured patient”, concluded the investigators.

Additionally, the IDPH investigative team acknowledged the leadership provided by Trauma Program Medical Director John Hartman, MD, and Trauma Coordinator Andrea Bladel, RN. No criteria deficiencies were identified in the strengths investigation team summary and trauma program recommendations.

The IDPH investigation team is multidisciplinary and spends the site visit reviewing a multitude of clinical trauma processes / procedures, the collaboration with EMS and other Genesis teams, and the service and education provided to the community. The survey also includes tours of emergency departments, imaging, intensive care, operating rooms and blood banks.

Genesis Davenport Medical Center Gets Level III Trauma Reverification

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