Gilmour Medical Clinic reopens on October 5

On their Facebook page on September 23, Tudor and Cashel Township announced that their medical clinic would reopen on October 5, with changes in place due to COVID-19. Mayor Libby Clarke says the community is very excited for the clinic’s return. The clinic is operated by the Central Hastings Family Health Team and will be open Tuesdays from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm They will only accept appointments from registered CHFHT patients; no visits will be accepted due to COVID-19 testing requirements.

The Gilmour Medical Clinic, which will reopen on October 5, is operated by CHFHT and includes doctors, nurses, various healthcare professionals and administrative staff. They provide their patients with the health care they need as close to home as possible and serve the Municipality of Center Hastings, Township of Madoc, Municipality of Marmora and Lake, and Township of Tudor and Cashel. Their main clinics are in Madoc and Marmora, with a satellite clinic in Gilmour, Tudor and Cashel.

Clarke says the community is very excited about the clinic reopening.

“I understand that residents will need to be aware that even though before the pandemic it was a walk-in clinic, changes had to be made to accommodate the protocols to be put in place in the light of COVID-19. Appointments must be made and only concern patients registered on the CHFHT list, so for the moment the clinic is not without an appointment. However, if there is a resident who does not have a family doctor, I understand that he may also have an appointment, ”she says. “We are also delighted to welcome our PI Susan Blakely back to Gilmour. It has been a long time!”

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