Greater Baltimore Medical Center Ultrasound Technology Raises Funds to Send Medicines to Ukraine – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An ultrasound technician from Greater Baltimore Medical Center is doing her part this Mother’s Day weekend to help mothers and their families in Ukraine.

Today, she is starting a fundraiser with the hospital to deliver emergency medicine to a city in the west of the country.

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Greater Baltimore Medical Center sonographer Yana Karp tries to help Ukrainian mothers and their family members in the western Ukrainian town of Uzhhorod this Mother’s Day weekend.

“There’s a humanitarian disaster because there’s not enough medicine there,” Karp said.

Around 60,000 refugees have arrived in the town on the border with Slovakia. The majority of them – around 80% – are women, young children and the elderly.

But the polyclinic in the city of Uzhhorod does not have enough medicine for all the people who arrived there

“We want to help women and children on the ground get the medical care they need,” Karp said.

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Yana is from Ukraine. She recently found her cousin who fled his country of origin after the start of the war.

That’s part of the reason Karp was forced to help Ukrainians struggling to survive Russia’s invasion of their country, especially after learning how badly needed medical care was in Uzhhorod.

“We actually thought we could create a little alliance and help GBMC help Uzhhorod Clinic,” Karp said.

Now she is fundraising with the Greater Baltimore Medical Center on her website to try to get urgently needed medical help for the residents of Uzhhorod.

Karp intends to approach pharmaceutical companies and work with a Ukrainian medical alliance to send drugs to Ukraine.

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“We need to get this medicine as soon as possible,” she said.