HanumanCare: Changing the face of emergency medical services in BHARAT region, eyes expansion of PAN India

New Delhi [India], Jul 28 (ANI/SRV) : HanumanCare, a Bihar-based healthcare brand, is considering expansion into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. HanumanCare is an urgent care solution provider under Medicvisor operating in 38 districts from Bihar, Jharkhand, NCR Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh. In July 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Medicvisor was founded, witnessing the lack of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) solutions. HanumanCare provides Urgent Healthcare (EMS) solutions such as Road Ambulance, Sick Transport by Train (Railway Ambulance) and Air Ambulance. HanumanCare has concentrated EMS in BHARAT which includes not only cities but also districts, towns and villages. Every day, emergency cases arise that require medical providers to resolve or treat these issues. Seeing this widespread problem, HanumanCare hopes to connect people in need in the local district with appropriate hospitals in the city center or metros.

The app provided by HanumanCare offers 24/7 medical help as well as 24/7 call center service for users who do not use the app. The app serves as a one-click solution to several services such as emergency healthcare booking, home diagnostic collection and many more. HanumanCare Ambulance Service has already taken care of 1 lakh more patients since COVID-19 and operates with a no-rejection policy for all patients. In addition, there is uniform pricing for ambulance services, continuity of treatment and en route assistance by telemonitoring for the patient.

HanumanCare provides an online presence for paramedics of all skill levels in the community at a time convenient to customers and at a reasonable cost to society. The prototype is currently being tested on the Patna site only and the first results are very encouraging. HanumanCare has entered and will revolutionize the relatively unorganized home health care sector. Some of their major home nursing services include — emergency first responders; ECG and routine health checks. Dr. Niraj Jha, co-founder of Hanuman, said, “The waves of COVID have highlighted the absence of emergency care infrastructure (reliable care facilities and ambulances) on the one hand and the shortage of human resources on the other hand. We can certainly conclude that there has always been a need to rethink and overhaul the emergency response system in India, especially in the areas of BHARAT. Keeping this in mind, we decided to launch HanumanCare to be the beacon of hope in these troubled times. With a positive response since launch and identifying gaps in the industry, we aim to enter more geographies in the coming years.”

It is not wrong to infer that ambulances are largely hospital-run businesses and co-exist with the availability of healthcare in the region. According to the study and data from WHO and other renowned health institutions, it can be noted that there is an abundant non. ambulances in India. But for apparent reasons, the abundance is still not enough to meet India’s pressing healthcare accessibility needs. The problem lies in the use of ambulances. In rural areas, ambulances are often used as mortuary vans, they are also used for the transfer of patients from hospitals to diagnostics and day care centers or specialized care centers. So no more. ambulances are needed. The solution lies in increasing the current resources at our disposal. Medical users need not only road transport ambulances but also rail and air ambulances for bed to bed transfer of patients to wacky areas like Mumbai, Vellore etc. who have better accessibility to health care resources. The existing challenges in health are mainly the turnaround time, in-transit care, cost monitoring and evaluation, and better transport accessibility in the PPP model. Hanuman, with its smart GPS-enabled and well-equipped ambulances, is gaining a foothold in the field to augment the resource for better availability and accessibility. Data-driven, AI-powered decisions enable HanumanCare’s ambulance and EMR teams to improve efficiency and turnaround times by locating patients or clinics near diagnostic and treatment services. ‘ambulance. As a healthcare service aggregator, HanumanCare’s AI-powered platform offers customers and partners transparent pricing and transparency. Additionally, digital data (geodata) and heatmaps are also used to find information.

HanumanCare’s prestigious strategic partners are Big Apollo Hospital in Patna, which assists in one-stop ambulance and home nursing services. The company has a link with Apollo Diagnostics, Bihar for a collection center for home diagnostic services. Additionally, HanumanCare has partnerships with Pathkind Diagnostic, Medanta Hospital, Nokia for Corporate Healthcare Services, and Agile Healthcare. HanumanCare co-founder Niraj Jha was named in the Medgate Top 40 under 40-Next Wave in Healthcare in 2021 and received the Atal Samman Award for Outstanding Contributions to Healthcare in 2020. HanumanCare was also chosen to participate in Bihar Startup CSR Health Impact Awards 2022 and MedGate Healthcare Awards 2022.

HanumanCare is the first comprehensive healthcare service platform that works by bringing together service providers and current players across diverse healthcare demands and infusing transparency. Hanuman’s solution also provides quality tracking and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to respond quickly and efficiently and improve user experience. Additionally, the company is confident that its team’s understanding of Tier 2 and Tier 3 consumer locations, issues and behavior would help the HanumanCare solution grow across India. This story is provided by SRV. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/SRV)

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