Healthserv Los Baños Medical Center celebrates 20 years

By Roy Tomandao

LOS BAÑOS – Healthserv Los Baños Medical Center, an outstanding pillar of compassionate and efficient health services in the South, celebrated its 20th anniversary by opening the ARUGA at ALAGA Heaven Elder Care Project to the community on June 9th.

In 2002, the Municipality of Los Banos was fortunate to see the rise of a multi-specialty clinic and diagnostic center called Healthserv. It was a project led by a group of 11 doctors with a vision to provide quality medical services to the community.

Located in the heart of Laguna, the vision of the 11 founders of this institution flourished and took root to be named a Center of Excellence by PhilHealth in 2010.

Fast forward 20 years later, the Healthserv Los Banos Medical Center (HSLBMC), as it is now known, has continued to provide quality healthcare services with its Tier 2 hospital category, 92-bed capacity and its specialized centers within its core, responding to the realization of the dreams of the founders.

The Healthserv Los Baños Center celebrates its 20th year of health services with an ARUGA Elder Care Project at the ALAGA Shelter. Kicking off the week-long anniversary are (left to right) Dr. Teri Laude, Family and Community Medicine Consultant; Dr. Orville Ocampo, Founder and Director of HSLBMC; Dr. Maria Isabel Jamias, Founder of HSLBMC; Hospital President, Mr. Melfred D. Sumaya; Dr. Jocelyn Tababa and Dr. Marc Tiongson, Heart Center consultant. Roy Tomandao

HSLBMC later became part of Mount Grace Hospital Inc. in 2016. MGHI is a network of hospitals whose mission is to provide an excellent and wide range of medical services in various parts of the country.

This partnership has paved the way for the availability of exceptional health services to the community through more professional commitment and efficiency, which has enabled HSLBMC to become one of the true pillars of the health service in the southern region, a vision shared by both.

On his 20th birthday, he again showcased his continued growth, highlighting the blessing and opening of his newly reconstructed heart center located on the ground floor of his IPD-Hospital building.

The center now has more space to respond effectively to cardiovascular clients and incorporates a state-of-the-art care facility, adding to the competent performance of its roster of cardiac specialists led by Dr. Emmanuel Lantican and Dr. Rojohn Maliwat in all aspects of cardiovascular care.

The event also featured its Executive VIP Lounge, dedicated to its healthy and capable customers, enjoying the most coordinated and relaxed annual executive health screening in the community.

Another great service feature of HSLBMC is a commitment to its core values ​​truly dedicated to those who seek quality and compassionate service without going far on the subway.

More featured health services were highlighted during its press conference held on June 6th. Jocelyn Tababa (paediatrics), one of the founders of HSLBMC.

The clinic was strategically located away from the hospital’s IPD and OPD buildings, an idea designed to give children more protection during the pandemic.

Also featured were the cancer care facility of Dr. Maria Isabel Jamias (another HSLBMC founder), the newly renovated Heart Center, the Eye Center headed by its President, Dr. Orville Ocampo (Founder and Board Board of HSLBMC), and the next big project for a seniors’ shelter.

The shelter was enthusiastically discussed by Dr. Teri Laude, Family and Community Medicine Consultant) who will lead it for the hospital.

HSLBMC primarily serves community health needs and the growing senior community in Los Baños, its new president said. Mr. Melfred D. Sumaya and Business Development Manager, Dr. Lisa Ang Santos.

They discussed long-term development plans and the growth of the Healthserv Los Banos business in the coming years.

A warm ceremony capped off the anniversary highlights with a “Legacy Tree Planting” activity led by its 12 founders and Board of Directors.

The trees planted symbolize a lot of dedication and unwavering support for the growth of HSLBMC, a commitment made 20 years ago by these important personalities who, until today, continuously live from their commitment to the institution.

“This is a legacy that will live on for years to come as the institution continues to support the life of the community and surrounding areas it serves,” Sumaya said.