Improving health: Government plans to install emergency medical care system

The government of Uttar Pradesh plans to set up an emergency medical care system modeled on the Covid command center and the existing police emergency system.

The emergency medical care system will have its own integrated trauma and emergency system with a call center and command center in place, as well as the installation of an “emergency monitoring system in direct”. In addition, emergency medical and trauma care would be provided free of charge for the first 48 hours.

“A live emergency monitoring system will be developed through which anyone in need can call and be connected to first responders, who would assist the person in need by connecting them to the type of hospital their condition would require. , such as Level- 1, Level 2 hospital, or if the patient needs specialized medical care, the first responders will put him in touch with the hospital that has the required facility,” said Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary (medical education).

The benefit will be delivered through 35 state medical schools and government institutions, and the plan is to also involve about 30 private medical schools in later phases.

Since the first 48 hours are very critical in case of a medical emergency, therefore all such registrants would get free emergency care at government medical colleges, Kumar added.

All ambulances installed with GPS will be connected to the system which will facilitate patient care and can also be tracked in real time. In addition, an ambulance service will be available on call.

Sources said the cost to set up the system would be Rs 3,000 crore. Out of the proposed investment of Rs 3,000 crore, Rs 1,614 crore will be spent on development of health facilities in five years, while around Rs 550 crore has been proposed for free treatment of trauma and non-traumatized patients, and another Rs 300 crore to improve ambulance services, including plan to purchase about 750 new ambulances with advanced life support system. Another Rs 165 crore has been allocated for the operation of ambulances, while around Rs 125 crore has been proposed for the annual expenditure of call centre, command centre, maintenance etc.

“The new system will make admission to hospitals easier, as patients and their companions will know where to go in the event of an emergency. This will prevent patients running from one hospital to another in search of beds,” Kumar added.

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However, sources said the system is still in its early stages and the whole plan will be implemented gradually over the next five years.

After facing resentment from some of its own leaders during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government promised to deliver a better healthcare system within the next five years.