Maternal mortality: Expert seeks to expand access to medical services in rural areas | The Guardian Nigeria News

Medical experts have urged the federal government to expand access to health services in rural communities, in order to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the country.

According to them, the lack of staff and facilities to care for pregnant women has earned Nigeria its current ranking as the country with the highest death rate in the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of Deda Hospital, Katampe, Abuja, Dr Sunday Onuh, during his address on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the hospital, said yesterday, “We have found that most of the healthcare facilities are concentrated in urban areas, but most births take place in rural areas and sometimes before arriving in urban centers it is always too late.

He said, “The government has a lot to do to encourage the health industry by building capacity in rural areas. When the government started to establish primary health care centers in rural areas, it was very commendable, but unfortunately it faded away.

Onuh stressed the need for the government to subsidize medical care, noting that the recently enacted health bill will go a long way to improving access to good medical care.

He mentioned that during their 10 years of operation, his hospital has provided medical services to Nigerians and other patients across the globe. “Our goal is to discourage medical tourism….

“We have invested in equipment and human capital to ensure that we give the best treatment without compromising the standard and giving value to what our patients come for and we have seen great success. We don’t just do conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF), but we try to excel at what we do.

“We have embarked on a treatment that offers embryo screening, this technology has made it possible to screen people with genetic diseases. For couples who have genetic disorders, we try to screen the embryo and eliminate them.