Medical group approves contractor to renovate Sundridge medical clinic

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Visitors and patients coming to the Sundridge Medical Clinic will face many changes over the coming months.
On the recommendation of Bertrand Wheeler Architecture of North Bay, the Sundridge and District Medical Center committee awarded the contract to renovate the facility to WS Morgan Construction of Parry Sound.
Earlier this year, the medical center committee approved the project, which is estimated to cost $ 1.5 million.
Among the many proposals submitted to the committee to carry out the renovations, Bertrand Wheeler said WS Morgan was the lowest bidder.
However, the medical committee has not publicly stated what the candidacy ended up with at its last meeting.
Bertrand Wheeler told the committee that he has worked with WS Morgan on several projects over the past few years and found the working relationship to be quite satisfactory.
Bertrand Wheeler said there were “no manufacturing and quality issues” in his recommendation to the committee.
The architectural firm also advised the medical center committee to constitute a “healthy contingency for changes required due to the nature of (the) renovations”.
He suggested adding an additional 10 to 15 percent of the total project cost “to account for (the) unforeseen conditions that will arise as the renovations progress”.
According to an earlier report to the committee, the renovations will be carried out in three phases.
The first phase is to create a new entrance to the medical clinic and a ramp so that work can begin inside.
According to the previous report, one of the first sites to be renovated was the nurse practitioner area.
The second phase consisted of renovating the doctors’ areas, then the parking lot would finally undergo a major upgrade.
Throughout the renovation, the medical clinic will continue to receive patients and staff will move from one area of ​​the facility to another so workers can renovate the building in stages.
At one point earlier this year, Sundridge Village Clerk Administrator Nancy Austin said it will be hectic at the medical clinic at times during renovations.
Sundridge, Strong and Joly share the running costs of the medical clinic.
As for the distribution of the renovations, Strong will take half the cost while Sundridge will cover 40 percent of the work and Joly will absorb the remaining 10 percent.
The renovation took years and is mainly due to several false starts.
At a regular Sundridge council meeting last May, Councilor Steve Hicks, who also chairs the medical center committee, said renovation costs were now as high as they are because successive previous councils were never able to agree on how to move the project forward.
Hicks said one of the big delays was when a committee from the previous medical center was asked to consider building a brand new clinic rather than renovating the current building.
Hicks said that while everyone involved had the best of intentions, the quest for a new building has failed to start.
This meant that the existing building fell into an even greater state of disrepair since no renovations would be approved if the goal was to move to a new facility.
Hicks firmly believed that before the renovations were approved in 2021, the condition of the medical center was a major obstacle to attracting a second doctor to the area.