Medical services for ‘all’ by Waqf Board will serve humanity: Raman Suri

Medical services for ‘all’ by Waqf Board will serve humanity: Raman Suri

posted on April 23, 2022 | Author RK News

Jammu, April 22: Raman Suri, executive member of BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) J&K, while welcoming the decision of the Waqf board to establish a cancer hospital for people from all communities, said on Friday that this decision is not only exemplary, but that it will also contribute greatly to the service of humanity. .

In a statement, he said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are suffering a lot due to this disease and are going to distant places for treatment, but this hospital will help them to get treatment here in the territory of Union only.

Raman Suri appreciated the decision of J&K Waqf Chairman of the Board, Dr. DarakhshanAndrabi, to establish a cancer hospital for everyone and said that if the UT government provides better cancer care facilities health, many of them travel to Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi and Chennai. seek treatment for cancer. Now that the Waqf Council will also start providing this facility in UT to all poor people, they will save money and also the hassle they go through with patients.

The BJP leader said that Dr DarakhshanAndrabi’s statement that people from all communities including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and representatives of other communities are helping the Waqf council to protect its lands reflects that the masses in general help the organization to protect its properties, so that the same can be better used to serve humanity.

He said this is the first time that the operation of the Waqf Council is being streamlined, records are being computerized, religious places are being maintained at the grassroots level, revenue collection is being settled and , more importantly, that hospitals will be developed for all under the guidance of Dr. Andrabi.

Raman Suri also added that the recovered properties as Dr. Andrabi said will also be put to good use which will help the organization to grow and ultimately help the society.