Montana Medical Clinic and Greenhouse Open to All

The ribbon was cut to open Montana First Nation’s Akamihk Health Services Clinic and Greenhouse last week. The opening of the clinic and greenhouse is not specific to Montana residents, Standingontheroad said. “It’s for anyone who wants to come get served or needs food. That’s the whole story.”

The clinic is an innovative Montana First Nation center with a team committed to providing optimal care to registrants and unregistered individuals, from primary care to addiction services.

The new hydroponic facility will produce over ten types of lettuce, kale, spinach and herbs and provide a reliable supply of healthy food to communities across Alberta.

Pointing out that it was First Nations people who helped early settlers survive historically, Standingontheroad said that was taken away over time thanks to the Indian Ace. “That’s what we come back to here. It’s a long process, but it’s a start, and I’m glad to see some of our neighbors here to witness this event.

Openness is a step towards independence, he said. “We need to teach our young people what our community needs, teach them these disciplines so they can come back and serve their community.”

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