MRHD grants $ 1.2 million to Moville Medical Clinic, Briar Cliff, Western Iowa Tech | Local news

SIOUX CITY – The Missouri River Historic Development on Friday awarded grants totaling $ 1.2 million for three projects including a new medical clinic and wellness center in Moville, a university program designed to increase the ‘supply of workers in the metropolitan area and another college program designed to develop aviation in the region.

This is the first time that MRHD, a nonprofit group that holds the state gambling license for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City, has sponsored a competitive economic development grant program of this size.

The future site of a medical clinic and wellness center is presented on November 29 in Moville, Iowa, just off Highway 20. The Missouri River Historical Development on Friday awarded a grant of $ 700,000 to help build the complex.

Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal

“MRHD is pleased to be able to invest again in the Woodbury County area in a way that fosters a strong county-wide economic environment,” said Board Chair Stacy Harmelink.

To be eligible for Matching Grants, applicants had to:

Stacy Harmelink


– Complete in two years a project that “would clearly align with one of the areas of economic development interest of the MRHD: job creation and maintenance; development of an essential workforce; provide a new project or service having a substantial impact on the community or community development by improving the quality of life.

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– Show that they can “leverage private, public and / or community resources and maximize collaboration with stakeholders across the community”.

The largest grant, $ 700,000, went to the Moville Area Medical Clinic, which plans to build a new two-story complex on the site of a former motel, along a front road just outside next to Highway 20. The current four-member physician clinic is running out of room, according to a press release from MRHD.

The project is expected to employ 14 medical staff, 1 to 2 doctors, 2 to 3 mid-level practitioners, 3 to 5 nurses, a laboratory technician, a radiology technician and 1 to 2 receptionists.

The new facility, which will be leased to medical providers, will have space for on-site laboratory and radiology services in addition to an expanded physiotherapy / rehabilitation unit. The wellness center will include fitness and wellness equipment for use by the community.

MRHD has also awarded grants of $ 250,000 each to Briar Cliff University and Western Iowa Tech Community College.

Briar Cliff funds will be used to create a training center for health workers on the Sioux City campus. The proposed 14,225 square foot capital improvement project will reallocate space and add new construction areas for health care education and clinical services.

The new facilities will allow the private university to expand its clinical training programs that will address the challenges and labor shortages facing rural and underserved communities in Woodbury County. The new spaces will serve as a centralized state-of-the-art hub for health science education, with the goal of increasing student numbers in high-demand fields.

WITCC will use its funding to develop a new Aircraft Maintenance Technician program at its Sioux City campus. The college will partner with Oracle Aviation, which has also announced a partnership with Morningside University on a fully accredited flight academy. The two programs are designed to complement each other and support the increased use of the Sioux Gateway Airport runways as a training location, as well as an airport with the capacity to commercially repair and maintain aircraft.

MRHD funds will go to the initial development phase, allowing WITCC to purchase program material to meet the training needs of a full capacity program that can accommodate up to 50 students per year.

Oracle also signed an agreement with the city, which offers incentives to help build a $ 7 million hangar and offices at the city-owned airport.

With its share of Hard Rock Casino’s revenue, MRHD has now awarded $ 2.1 million this year to various nonprofits, civic organizations, and local government entities. This is more than what the nonprofit gaming entity has awarded in a previous year.

Grants postponed from 2020 due to the economic uncertainty of the pandemic have been awarded, in addition to the association’s regular grant programs and the first-year economic development initiative.

“MRHD is pleased to show its support for so many organizations in the region who have persisted despite the disruption related to Covid-19 and we are inspired by those who have found ways to pursue new and continuing projects designed to improve the quality of life in Woodbury County, ”said Harmelink, who noted that the organization will also be announcing its holiday giveaways soon.

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