New You Medical Center offers exclusive medical services in Richmond, TX

Richmond, Texas: New You Medical Center provides comprehensive, affordable, high-quality medical treatment to the community of Richmond, Texas. In addition to its wide range of medical treatments, the practice strives to offer each patient a personalized service characterized by care and compassion. The center is also home to experienced and licensed healthcare professionals.

New You Medical Center offers more medical services to different patients. The center provides PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections to patients looking for natural ways to heal and rejuvenate their bodies. This procedure involves taking blood platelets and injecting them into specific areas to heal or rejuvenate. Besides being a popular medical procedure among celebrities and athletes, it helps reverse aging and hair loss. The center also uses the procedure to treat pain, especially if the patient has pain in the foot, neck, hip, back, ankle, or wrist. However, before administering PRP injections, professionals evaluate the best alternatives for optimal results.

The center also administers intravenous therapy. As one of the most diverse forms of therapy, New You Medical Center has customized it to suit different categories of patients. For example, he has specific intravenous therapy for athletes. Unlike other treatments, it helps them recover faster, maximize performance, and most importantly increase mental clarity, especially in competition. The center also offers intravenous therapy to relieve migraines in order to relieve migraines. There is also an intravenous therapy option called NY Youth for patients looking for a safer medical option to treat blemishes, wrinkles, and dry skin. Besides the three, there are other treatments for different patients.

New You Medical Center also helps patients lose weight, increase energy and regain overall health. The clinic offers different services, such as liposuction and styku body scans. Liposuction is ideal for patients who are unable to get rid of fat through diet and exercise. For patients who prefer injectables, the practice offers safe alternatives such as Tri Amino, NAD + and LipoSlim. All three injectables are safe and the choice depends on the evaluation of the patient and the doctor. It also offers genetic weight loss testing for a more personalized approach to losing extra weight. In all services, the healthcare professional personalizes the service for optimal results.

New You Medical Center also offers hormone replacement therapy for patients with anxiety, decreased libido, depression, erectile dysfunction, irritability, weight gain, poor concentration, loss of muscle tone, and pain. ‘other related symptoms. As a results-oriented practice, it offers patients bioidentical hormone therapy, which helps reverse all symptoms, giving the patient a youthful appearance and better energy levels. In addition to being ideal for patients in their 40s and 50s, the center offers hormone therapy for both men and women. For Learn more about New You Medical Center, patients can check its social media pages.

Interested patients can call the office at (832) 432 1004 to speak to a professional. Offices are located at 5550 Long Prairie Trace, Richmond, Texas, 77407, USA. Check the website for more information about New You Medical Center.

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