Newtown Church plans open day for medical clinic

It’s quite a sight to see the shipping container in the parking lot of God’s Love Lutheran Church in Newtown, Pennsylvania, especially now that the exterior has been decorated with beautiful flower murals. But what is even more impressive is the transformation that has taken place inside, where a medical clinic for Honduras has been built. On Sunday, October 23, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the container will be open to the community to visit the clinic and witness the “Container At Newtown 2” (CAN2) story.

Only the final touches remain on the three-room medical clinic built inside “CAN2”; open for community visit. (Photo submitted)

CAN2 is a global mission project: the recycled container has been reconfigured into a fully functional medical clinic for the community of Ocotillo, Honduras. This is actually the second such project for the congregation, as they completed their first container conversion seven years ago, now installed in Kenya. CAN2 now contains a three-room clinic, with electricity, plumbing and donated furniture, and it is almost ready to be shipped to Honduras. Once there, he will be greeted by a team from Lifeline Christian Mission who will work with local community leaders to set up the container as a pharmacy and mental health counseling center. “This has been the dream of Lifeline management in Ocotillo for some time, as many members of the community suffer from challenges related to mental and spiritual health issues,” says Lifeline Medical Director Lisa Kaylor. “Thanks thanks thanks!”

“Our motto, ‘Together we CAN2 make a difference’, has really been realized with this project,” says CAN2 project coordinator Jon Hangeland, “and we are humbled and grateful for all the hard work and support that has gone into to this project”. Professional traders donated their manpower. Local businesses donated supplies and funding. A retired doctor donated medical equipment. Church members brought food for the work teams. Volunteers worked together to build the clinic, paint the mural, donate supplies and offer prayers. The last remaining task is to raise the necessary funds to ship the clinic.

The God’s Love team and congregation look forward to celebrating the clinic’s completion at the October 23 Open House. They invite and encourage the whole community to visit, walk through the clinic, add their handprint to the mural, have a snack and listen to the CAN2 story. With the trip to Honduras coming up and a new community to serve, it’s a story that’s only just begun.

Together we CAN2 make the difference.

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