NHIA to service providers who request additional money for medical services

Bono Regional Director of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Mr. Joseph Mensah

The Bono Regional Director of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Mr. Joseph Mensah, has hinted that the Bono Area Authority will soon punish all accredited national insurance service providers who request to extra money for medical services covered by national health insurance. Diet (NHIS).

According to the regional manager of Bono, the Authority in Bono’s office, however, urged all members of its program, livid by the conduct of certain service providers during the delivery of health care, to conduct further investigation of the cases. widespread extortion of punitive measures to be taken.

This comes in the wake of numerous complaints received from program members during an open forum at the Sunyani Taxi Station as part of the NHIA’s annual week celebration.

Mr. Joseph Mensah said there was no justification for providers to bill plan members for services funded by NHIS.

He said the Authority will not hesitate to withdraw the provider from its program or to prosecute it if it is found guilty of the charges.

The celebration of the NHIS week, themed: NHIS using the Ghana map to expand access to health care

Mr Joseph Mensah added that the NHIA has decided to allow all residents of Ghana to use a single card to access healthcare.

Mr. Joseph Mensah pointed out that the NHIA office in the Bono area will intensify its campaigns during the celebration of the annual week to encourage NHIS and Ghanaian card holders to merge the two in line with the health services agenda. one nation, one map.

He said the celebration was aimed at highlighting the importance of healthcare and meeting the needs of the general public.

Mr Joseph Mensah felt it would give them a chance to step into the community, educate them on the benefits of health insurance, encourage people to renew their registration and generally interact with them.

By dialing the short code * 929 # and following the instructions, holders of both cards can now link their National Health Insurance Card to the Ghana Card and use the Ghana Card to access health care at any facility accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Across the country.

He also advised NHIS members to quickly renew their membership by dialing * 929 # from any mobile network with a mobile wallet to enjoy uninterrupted health services.

Mr. Joseph Mensah reiterated that the NHIS will continue to provide financial access to health care to many people who otherwise could not afford the cost of their health care.

Mr. Joseph Mensah urged those who have not yet completed the merger to continue using their NHIS cards for health services as the program aims to replace NHIS cards with the Ghana card to access health care. health.

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