North Memorial Health builds new medical clinic in Minnesota


With the resumption of medical construction in the twin cities, North Memorial Health recently opened an undeveloped lot located at the southwest corner of Lexington Avenue and at 109e Blaine Street, Minnesota. The new building will include North Memorial Health primary care clinics, specialty care clinics and a hospice.

This approximately 50,000 square foot facility will provide expanded primary, specialized and emergency care services to northern suburban communities and will also house some administrative and support services. When completed, this clinic will replace the nearby North Memorial Health clinics, currently housed in a multi-tenant doctor’s office on Ulysses Street NE.

The location was selected by the North Memorial Health management team with assistance from Strong Real Estate (formerly The Excelsior Group), a local consulting firm. The project team includes Gardner Builders as a general contractor and HGA Architects & Engineers as architect of the base building. MSP Commercial is the developer of the project and will also manage it after its completion.

Construction will continue over the next three seasons, with an opening slated for fall 2022.