Opening of a free medical clinic serving uninsured adults in Lompoc | Local News

A free walk-in health clinic specializing in serving uninsured adults will officially open June 17 at 1111 E. Ocean Ave. in downtown Lompoc.

Savie Health, a volunteer-run nonprofit organization modeled after the SLO NOOR Foundation in San Luis Obispo County, will be made up of Lompoc-based doctors and nurses who volunteer their time, as well as a part-time executive director and a bilingual clinic director, according to an announcement.

“I understand the need in the community, based on the patients I see in my practice with no insurance and nowhere to go,” said Lompoc cardiologist Dr. Khawar Gul, who donates his time to Savie Health. .

The clinic is designed to support local patients, including undocumented patients, with primary medical care, disease prevention, chronic disease management, and preventative health screenings. Services will also include access to prescription drugs and diagnostic imaging.

“We are trying to help some of the more than 41,000 adults in Santa Barbara County who are uninsured,” said Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, founder of SLO NOOR and Savie Health. “I have worked in the Lompoc community as a physician for a few years, and immediately saw a gap and a need for this clinic due to a lack of financial resources or means to purchase insurance.”

“The cost to the patient is $0,” he added.

Board members of the nonprofit Lompoc include Dr. James Trettin, Dr. Lee Silkman, Yvette Cope, Naishadh Buch, and Abe Lincoln, who previously served as Executive Director of the SLO NOOR Foundation.

Nooristani is chairman of the board and Eryn Shugart, who has 18 years of senior nonprofit administrative experience in Santa Barbara County, is the executive director.

Savie Health partners include Lompoc Valley Medical Center, Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare Organization (LVCHO), Santa Barbara County Promotores Network, and Lompoc Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Savie Health’s goal is to expand access to health care for people in the Lompoc Valley and provide vision and dental care in the future, officials said.

Lisa André covers lifestyle and local news for Santa Ynez Valley News and Lompoc Record, editions of the Santa Maria Times.