Orange Beach obtains new medical services in partnership with SBRMC

(OBA®) – Orange Beach, AL – Orange Beach is moving forward to develop more medical services in the city by partnering with South Baldwin Regional Medical Hospital for a new 11,000 square foot building as the cornerstone is an imaging center and medical offices.

“It’s going to be a CT scan, a dexa scanner, a mammogram, all that stuff,” Mayor Tony Kennon said. “It will be very convenient for all of us. Dr Forbus will be in this building (across the street) with Southern Rapid Care. It will be easy to access for transportation. They have the clinic for all of our employees. It will be really nice and convenient for everyone.

At the October 9 meeting, the board also agreed to the owners of Flora-Bama to begin work on their beachfront restaurant, bar and parking lot. After the meeting, Kennon provided a brief update on the bridges.

The Orange Beach Medical Plaza will hopefully be up and running in about a year, Kennon said.

“They’ve gone through the planning commission and are now going to come to the council and work on the parking lot,” he said.

The building will go on a vacant lot at the corner of State Route 161 and Bonita Lane and across from the Medical Arts building. During the October 5 meeting, it was announced that the city was selling this building to Southern Rapid Care, which is currently under contract to serve city employees.

“We are in the process of putting together a contract and we are going to sell it,” Kennon said. According to city documents, the purchase price would be $ 1.5 million.

With the construction of the new building, Bonita will then be cut off from State Route 161.

“We’re probably going to block it out there and that would be the entrance to this medical complex,” Kennon said. “It will affect maybe three or four houses on Bonita that will just have to get Snapper down to get out.”


Cool drinks could be flowing in early spring at the new oceanfront bar at Orange Beach on a plot near the intersection of State Route 182 and State Route 161.

“They’ll actually try to start innovating next week or the week after and by next spring hopefully the parking lot and all the upgrades will be with an open bar and then the following fall. , the restaurant will be built, ”Kennon said. “Early next year there should be an open bar and live music.”


Kennon said he couldn’t speak to the details of ongoing talks between the city and the owners of the toll bridge, but he was hopeful that progress was being made.

“I think we’re getting close to a decision,” Kennon said. “It’s progressing so we’ll see.”

The odds of seeing a Wolf Bay bridge grow longer every day, Kennon reported.

– It’s dead, he said. “The construction costs have made it so far from our ability to do anything with it. It’s just a dead problem now.

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