Over 50 cats handed over to Second Chance receiving medical treatment

NORTH BROOKFIELD – A new arrival at Second Chance Animal Services Community Veterinary Hospital gave birth to three healthy kittens just two days after she and 51 other cats, delivered by a local man, arrived at the shelter and at the wellness center.

Chelsea was one of five pregnant cats in the clowder, and she and her kittens were moved to a home with an experienced foster care provider, Second Chance CEO Sheryl Blancato said.

“They are now with one of our amazing foster homes, which has put the family in a park with everything they need,” Blancato said. “The mom has been through so much these past few days, but the foster home tells us that she is eating. A storm and being a good mom.”

Three little kittens were born to a mother cat who was one of 52 felines donated to Second Chance Animal Services.

The cats have been returned to the shelter and their vet care is expected to cost around $ 25,000, which has sparked a fundraising campaign.

The animals are cared for at the Near Home facility of the Second Chance Animal Services Community Veterinary Hospital at 372 North Main St.

The Second Chance Animal Services Adoption Center is located at 111 Young Road in the neighboring East Brookfield neighborhood.

“Our supporters have been so generous and we’re almost halfway there,” Blancato said. “Tito’s Handmade Vodka and three anonymous supporters even offered to match some of the donations.”

It’s unusual for the shelter to be asked to accommodate so many animals from one house, but when a local pet owner, who really loves animals, contacted Second Chance for help, it is exactly what happened.

Second Chance Animal Services staff perform examinations on 52 cats recently returned by their owners.

The man had to leave his home and had to make arrangements for the cats he had taken in over the years. Second Chance will provide medical care to the cats before placing them for adoption, according to shelter staff.

Second Chance Services vet Dr. Jackie Celmer and her team take care of cats and have found that most will need additional veterinary care before they are ready for adoption in East Brookfield.

Nine of the cats will need dental surgery. One cat has a mouth mass and several have serious eye problems.

About half of the cats, including six tiny kittens who make their way to foster care until they get bigger, struggle with upper respiratory disease, staff said. Almost all cats will also need to be spayed or neutered.

One of the 52 cats visited Second Chance Animal Services.

Blancato said the situation is “the perfect example of how the best of intentions can go wrong.

“People welcome stray animals or the pets of other people who can’t keep their pets. It’s a situation that can quickly get out of hand, ”she said.

Donations to help cats can be made at secondchanceanimals.org, through its Facebook page, or mailed to Second Chance Animal Services, 111 Young Road, PO Box 136, East Brookfield, MA 01515.

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