Parkridge Medical Center is asking for donations to help local schools | Local News

Parkridge Medical Center asks for your help in giving back to the community.

“I remember growing up in school, even my own kids, being able to get things that you don’t have,” said Parkridge Medical Center senior chaplain Letitia Judkins-Davis.

Judkins-Davis takes memories from her school days and turns them into reality for children at Orchard Knob Middle School and Orchard Knob Elementary School.

“We really hope that we can collect enough items that we can really make a big impact not only in elementary school but also in middle school,” Judkins-Davis said.

She is organizing a school supply drive this week to give teachers what they need.

“Kleenex, hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, zipper bags,” Judkins-Davis said.

The player also supports students.

“Pencils, crayons, book bags, composition notebooks,” Judkins-Davis said.

Judkins-Davis said it’s just the start of giving back to schools this year and hopes community support will get it off to a good start.

“We have a lot of different projects that we do throughout the year to help those in the community,” Judkins-Davis said.

She added that all support is welcome and that donations will be collected until the end of the year.

“We care like family. So for us, family includes not only the patients who come to the hospital, but also the families and people who are in the area around our hospital,” Judkins-said Davis.

To donate, you can drop off items at Parkridge Medical Center on McCallie Avenue.

For more information, call 423-493-1747.