Proposed Victoria Development May Include Medical Clinic | Chanhassen News

A new, multi-faceted commercial development in Victoria, just east of the fire hall, will be the subject of several upcoming meetings in the community.

The proposed commercial development on the 4.1 acre Arboretum Convenience site includes the construction of a Ridgeview Medical Center clinic, daycare and HomeTown Bank / Mocha Monkey combo café.

It also includes a land swap, which requires the city to exchange ownership of its 13.5-acre Downtown West site for a plot in the new development.

A cornerstone of the success of the project as presented is the construction of a roundabout on Autoroute 5, at Commercial Avenue.

A neighborhood meeting, for those living near the new development site, is scheduled for Wednesday, December 1. The proposal will go to the city’s planning commission on Dec. 7 and to city council on Dec. 13 for comment, according to Marty. Doll, director of community and economic development for the city.

“It’s a complex plan,” Doll said. “It’s just in the sketching phase, so there will probably be a lot of questions to answer along the way.”

The plans call for the sale of the private property to a developer, who would divide this land into several plots for the aforementioned companies. One of those plots would go to the city in exchange for a plot in the western city center, where a retirement home would be built.

The city would then essentially offer its plot at the new development site at Ridgeview for a new medical clinic, according to Doll.

“This will probably be one of the big things the board will be talking about,” he said.

HomeTown Bank is expected to open a small branch in downtown Victoria soon. The proposed bank / café collaboration would model the one that the two entities have in Waconia.

Doll said the city has had communications with Minnesota DOT about the proposed roundabout, which is critical to the overall plan, according to the proposal.

The study property is expected to be rezoned from current low density residential use to central business district use. The plans also call for a 16-foot retaining wall adjoining the fire hall, as well as a 100-foot setback from a residential parcel.

According to the outline plan, the economic development of the project would include:

Ridgeview: investment of $ 6 million, 15 to 20 jobs; Hometown: investment of $ 6 million, 15 to 20 jobs; Daycare: investment of $ 4 million, 30 new jobs; Mocha Monkey: $ 250 investment, 20 new jobs; seniors’ housing: investment of $ 25 million to $ 35 million.