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São Paulo healthcare provider reportedly behind ‘disguised euthanasia’ in COVID-19 cases

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 – 08:50 UTC

Prevent Senior is said to have around 500,000 customers.

Senator Alencar is also a doctor
Senator Alencar is also a doctor

Brazilian Senator Otto Alencar spoke of cases of “disguised euthanasia” at the medical insurance company Prevent Senior, which is also suspected of having prescribed hydroxychloroquine to patients with COVID-19.

“I can say that we have evidence that Prevent Senior removed coronavirus patients from intensive care units (intensive care units) and transferred them to hybrid rooms where they were given morphine and other medications for palliative and non-curative treatment until their death, “said Alencar of the conservative Social Democratic Party (PSD), who is also a member of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (ICC) into the pandemic.

Alencar, who is also a doctor, said he had “reports from (senior) doctors at Prevent on these transfers to reduce the cost of intensive care, which are really disguised euthanasia, crimes against life.

Prevent Senior is said to have around 500,000 customers, most of them in the state of São Paulo.

Other members of the CPI, such as Senator Randolfe Rodrigues, believe that there are some “clarifications” links between this firm and a ?? parallel cabinet ?? set up by the federal government in conjunction with the Department of Health to encourage ?? hydroxychloroquine care for people infected with Covid-19.

According to Rodrigues, of the center-left red party, Prevent “would have altered medical records” to hide the high number of deaths due to Covid-19.

On the other hand, the São Paulo legislature has collected the necessary signatures to create its own parliamentary commission of inquiry to deal specifically with the Prevent affair.

Brazilian analysts also see a link between the Prevent Senior case and the federal government of President Jair Bolsonaro. For example, Dr Nise Yamagushi, a regular at Prevent, was an advisor for Bolsonaro.

A GloboNews report brought to the public’s attention the case of Tadeu Frederico de Andrade, 65, who, after a month of hospitalization and intubation, was considered a lost cause. could die with dignity ”.

Her children reacted, hired a doctor from another hospital, and watched their father recover. The case was brought by the patient himself to the Covid CPI and the São Paulo prosecutor’s office. The case has prompted further investigations into the claims, as the federal health ministry is suspected of promoting protocols to encourage the use of drugs without scientific evidence.

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