Senator Oduah provides free medical services and food to victims – The Sun Nigeria

By Jeff Amechi Agbodo Onitsha

Anambra North Senator Stella Oduah provided free medical services and food to flood victims at their various camps across the district.

Free medical services started on Thursday, October 13 at various Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps at Crowther Memorial Onitsha Primary School, Unity Hall Umuoba Anam, Unity Hall Umueri and Atani.

The senator had earlier on Wednesday, October 12 during the Senate plenary made an impassioned appeal, calling on the federal government to come to the aid of the communities of Anambra North currently displaced by the floods.

The team of medical personnel who were in various IDP camps attending to the medical needs of the IDPs and distributing medicine to the victims

Oduah, in his message to the victims, described this year’s flood as the worst and most devastating, pointing out that his district was the most affected, which required urgent attention, hence his medical and other intervention.

According to her, “the recent threat of flooding which has ravaged large parts of the river areas of Nigeria, including large swathes of Anambra North, which has resulted in the mass displacement of people from their homes, continues to be a huge cause for concern to me; and the sight of many people, including children and pregnant women, camping in the various shelters, calls for urgent efforts by all key stakeholders to find a lasting solution to this threat and my heart goes out to all the families affected.

“I also sympathize with the families whose loved ones drowned in this unfortunate flood and pray that their souls will find rest in the Lord.

“Many may not know this, but I am first and foremost a farmer with extensive interests in fishing, pigsty, poultry, livestock, crops and all of a sudden I watched helplessly, my country house in Akili Ozizor not only almost submerged by the floods but the whole farm destroyed with cattle washed away by this raging and uncontrollable force of nature and so, I completely understand and can understand the feeling of discouragement that currently occupies the center stage in the hearts of all those affected.

“On Wednesday, October 12, I had the opportunity once again to draw the attention of my distressed people to the Nigerian Senate where I made an impassioned appeal, calling on the Federal Government to come to the aid of urgently to The internally displaced people of Anambra North and indeed the affected communities.

“While I have sent various teams to the many camps to provide free medical intervention and relief supplies, I honestly believe it would take the direct intervention of the Federal Government to address the root causes of this monstrous threat. .

“For my part, I had previously organized training workshops on the warning signs of floods for the communities exposed to this terrible threat with a view to preparing them for any unsavory eventuality in order to mitigate the loss of life. as we have witnessed recently.

“But I also believe that it is high time for a paradigm shift that should see the federal government embark on more massive training for our river areas while providing the kind of new technology that would mitigate such recurrences.

“Understanding our particular terrain should lead to the construction of farmhouses and elevated storehouses because, as the Bible says, we must learn to conquer our domain.

“I had also earlier proposed the provision of sea ambulances and hospitals for easy access to medical facilities and I believe this would go a long way in helping our people in these affected areas. We must also be at the forefront of introducing and teaching new agricultural seasons while maximizing our dry seasons for better yield.

“Current realities underscore the need for a new normal in the way we do things, which is why I continually fight, reassure, network and legislate to ensure that the Federal Government brings Anambra North on board to appeal for urgently to erosion control engineers to implement all his previous investigations.

“I have also worked to ensure that the construction of main roads in the areas is inserted into the budget with a new design specification of 6 feet at 8 feet minimum. We will ensure that mobile schools in our riparian areas are set up while creating dams and levees to help us minimize these calamities.

“I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that no effort is spared to ensure that our affected people receive help and I call once again on the federal government, which indeed has the means to face this unimaginable calamity,” Oduah said.