Sioux Center Health expands its medical clinic | Sioux Center News

SIOUX CENTER—Working in the expanded family medical clinic at Sioux Center Health has given Dr. David Janssen new enthusiasm for his work.

“I certainly enjoy the sunshine streaming through my new office window, but it’s so much more than that,” Janssen said. “We have added many more providers since I arrived three and a half years ago to help serve the growing community. This expanded medical clinic shows how very forward-thinking our leadership is in planning the Things are going well at the Sioux Center, the community is growing and we plan to adapt to it.

Sioux Center Health opened its medical clinic addition that included 16 medical examination rooms earlier this year.

“Not only does the expansion allow us to integrate the urgent care clinic with the medical clinic, but we have also been able to expand our behavioral health services,” Janssen said.

One of the three new hallways is dedicated to behavioral health services led by psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner Jeanne Kleinhesselink and a team of four social workers.

“I love the collaborative nature of it,” Janssen said. “A lot of times a therapist is in one building, mental health is in another building or a different city, and it’s all in a different place than the doctor. Last week, Jeanne, Hannah – social workers – and I all had a meeting with one of our patients. We were able to come together as a team, working together in one space rather than working on each other’s notes. This helps not only us, but especially the patient.

Physicians and medical clinic practitioners are also split into teams throughout the expanded facility.

“If a patient can’t see me, the goal is to get them to see another member of our team so we can provide a continuum of services for that patient,” Janssen said.

Orthopedic specialists from Sioux City and Sioux Falls are also leasing part of the new clinic, staffing it about four days a week to accommodate growing community interest in its services, such as knee replacement surgeries.

“Because we have a referral there, we can walk the patient to that location and meet them there, which is another part of the collaborative nature of the space,” Janssen said. “It was like a ‘Field of Dreams – if you build it, they will come’ type space. We needed more space in the medical clinics for the growing community, but we also have people who drive up to an hour to come here because they feel they are getting great care. health here. It’s exciting to be a part of this growth and to serve the community through this space.

The expanded medical clinic was one of several projects totaling $36 million that Sioux Center Health launched in October 2020. The coronavirus pandemic and supply chain issues impacted various aspects of the project, primarily the schedule.

Sioux Center Health opened its renovated main entrance early last fall, which redesigned the way patients entered the medical clinic. The remodel also provided a separate registration area for the specialist clinic and private waiting rooms for the medical and specialist clinics.

“This new entry structure has been amazing,” said Sioux Center Health CEO Cory Nelson. “The response we’ve received from the community regarding the best stream, how intuitive it is, has been great.”