Start of three-part project transforming the original Palisade High School into a new medical clinic

PALISADE, Colo. (KREX) – Palisade’s original high school is getting a makeover for a fresh start. What once housed the Palisade Bulldogs is about to become a medical clinic, serving residents on this side of the Grand Valley.

Turning the original Palisade High School into a clinic means a major demolition this winter, but work begins this week with asbestos removal. Most alumni fondly recall memories of campus, while others eagerly await what is to come.

“I’ve always seen this run down high school and I’m happy to see it turn into a very exciting medical building,” shares Tomasita Ferber Browne, a former student of Palisade High School, “Even though I didn’t go there myself. , I went to the new high school that I have always been through and I hope something good comes out of school.

Palisade has not had its own medical center for 20 years. Some former students are sad that the school is going down, but others agree with the town of Palisade that it is time for a change.

“Officials in the town of Palisade point out that the demolition of the building leaves room for a new target for billing medical needs in order to meet medical needs,” said Cora Dickey.

Asbestos is mostly drywall and pipes in this old building. The three-part project focuses on the demolition of the only buildings needed for the new medical clinic.

The mayor of Palisade said it would benefit residents and he couldn’t be better placed.

“The location is ideal in terms of accessibility”, explains the Mayor of Palisade, Greg Mikolai, “It is also ideal in terms of proximity of the fire station to our EMT medical services, so these services will have a correlation direct in terms of the ability to work hand in hand with the clinic.

The entire project to transform the original Palisade High into a medical clinic will cost approximately $ 4.6 million. Officials in the town of Palisade hope to raise at least $ 1 million needed through charitable donations.

The community hospital will operate the new medical clinic in Palisade. The building is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2022.

The officials of the town of Palisade assure us that one thing will not change. The original Palisade High gymnasium in the back is here to stay.

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