The Oak Ridge Free Medical Clinic extends … to Briceville


A few dozen well-wishers traveled to Briceville, Tenn., On a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, August 8, 2012, to browse, admire and rent the brand new location of the Oak Ridge Free Medical Clinic.

The FMC Briceville clinic is located in front of the Briceville elementary school and near the American post office.

“An achievement like this requires the compassion and generosity of many community partners who come together to address Briceville’s unmet medical needs,” a statement from the Free Medical Clinic said. “And at the top of that list, we want to thank the Clinton Baptist Association and United Way of Anderson County.”

The generosity of Covenant Health has also been recognized, and a large sign hanging just inside the main entrance of the Briceville FMC Clinic lists the three aforementioned organizations and states: “The free Briceville medical clinic is made possible by the generous support of individual donors and valued partners concerned with the health and well-being of the Briceville community.

Amanda Brackett, left, and Naomi Asher, both of the Anderson County United Way, are pictured with Billy Edmonds of the Oak Ridge Free Medical Clinic during the grand unveiling of the new Briceville clinic on Sunday August 8, 2021.

The development of telehealth technology allows patients not only to benefit from a physical visit to the medical clinic, but also to benefit from remote consultations and secure virtual follow-ups after a visit to the office.

Special guests who attended the dedication ceremony after touring the facility included Keith Pierce of the Clinton Baptist Association, former state lawmaker David Coffey of Lenoir City and Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally of Oak Ridge .

Naomi Asher, Executive Director, and Amanda Brackett, Outreach Coordinator, were on hand to represent the United Way of Anderson County.

Oak Ridge Free Medical Clinic General Manager Billy Edmonds led tours of the Briceville facility and hosted Sunday’s event. Harriman and Briceville Clinic Director Gary Bickford was also on hand to greet visitors and answer questions about the visits.

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, second from right, of Oak Ridge and former state lawmaker David Coffey of Lenoir City, third from right, took center stage on Sunday 8 August 2021, in their praise of the Oak Free Medical Clinic The newly opened Briceville Clinic in Ridge.

And the late physician John Auxier, who passed away a year ago this month and founder of the Free Medical Clinic, was greeted by many throughout the August 8 ceremony and festivities.


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