The storm could disrupt medical services


Emergency and medical services could be disrupted by the approaching snowstorm, Prairie Mountain Health said Tuesday.

A blizzard hitting Manitoba means some medical services could be cancelled.

Prairie Mountain Health is asking the public to be prepared in case this happens.

Before you leave home, call your health care provider to confirm that your medical appointment is still in progress.

The blizzard could also affect home care services. Customers are encouraged to activate their backup plans with family and friends. Clients can cancel or reschedule appointments by calling the after hours line at:

• North: 1 833 620-0316

• South: 1 855 644-0399

• Central: 1 833 578-2325

For any emergency, dial 911.

Blizzards can cause power outages and crews may not be able to repair and restore power quickly. Everyone is encouraged to have basic emergency supplies on hand, preferably enough to last 72 hours. Kits should include items such as drinking water, non-perishable food, medications, a first aid kit, batteries and a flashlight.

More information on emergency kits is available at:

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