This specialized hospital provides state-of-the-art medical care for all kinds of pets

Pets are always great companions and need love and care. During the pandemic, many pet owners have formed a deep relationship with their pets, who are in need of high maintenance and care.

This is why the launch of DCC Veterinary Hospital (Dogs, Cats and Companions) based on Gurugram is well wedged. This multi-specialty pet health care facility promoted by a company based in Japan and Singapore A’alda, offers emergency, inpatient and outpatient services for all pets and their companions.

“Our new DCC multi-specialty veterinary hospital chain is home to highly trained physicians and field staff who meet global standards in veterinary science. The hospital team is led by Dr Vinod Sharma, who also established India’s first blood bank for dogs. He helped us design services and treatments for the veterinary hospital. The company has strongly focused on ensuring cutting edge technologies for pet health care and a seamless interactive app-based experience for pet parents, ”said Ohhun kwon, COO of A’alda and Director of A’alda Vet India, in conversation with YS weekend.

DCC Veterinary Hospital

The idea

After graduating, Ohhun worked in the corporate sector with several prestigious companies. Soon after, he joined his friend to launch A’alda in Singapore. He currently oversees the development and implementation of the group’s overall business strategy and all business activities in India.

“A’alda was founded in 2019 to provide veterinary care and clinical services for animals in Asian countries. It strives to solve the challenges of the veterinary care industry and aims to be the best veterinary medical platform in the world. Our DCC Animal Hospital project was designed to humanize pet care services. The company’s mission is to continuously improve the level of care for hospitals and veterinary medicine and to make it accessible to people all over the world, ”he explains.

The animal health sector in India falls short of its international counterparts in providing high quality services. In India, there is one doctor for every 7,000 pets, and in Japan it is 1,100. With an estimated 23 million pet count in India and an average industry growth rate of nearly 11% per year, there is a large gap at to fill in. This is what prompted them to launch their flagship facility in Gurugram in February 2021, spread over 38,000 square feet and their clinic in Delhi.

DCC Veterinary Hospital

How it works

DCC Veterinary Hospital is equipped with operating theaters, an intensive care unit, recovery rooms, imaging and pathology departments. It is designed as a one-stop destination that provides high quality medical care for pets in the areas of preventive care, radiology and laboratories, dentistry, surgery, diagnostics and therapeutic services. The hospital also has emergency and intensive care services available year round. Besides medical care, the establishment also offers comfortable and luxurious pet boarding and grooming services. They recently launched a pet hydrotherapy pool, which is a big hit with customers and their fur babies.

When asked what sets them apart from others in the field, Ohhun highlights three factors with enthusiasm. He says,

“We deliver a superior customer experience because our services are designed with the perspective of the patients who use our hospitals in mind. Our in-house proprietary software called DCC PetConnect simplifies veterinary care for pet parents, and we emphasize evidence-based medicine, instead of overly relying on intuition and experience.

Their in-house software and DCC PetConnect smartphone app allow clients to make appointments, receive reminders, complete pre-visit questionnaires, receive pre-visit and post-visit instructions, view consultation records past and view payment history through the app / web portal to facilitate their hospital experience. A consultation costs Rs 700, but testing and procedures have additional costs.

Each case is handled according to global standard practices. They undertake to make an appropriate diagnosis and take the necessary measures based on the subjective opinion of the owner and the objective observations of doctors.

Claiming no serious competition, Ohhun categorically states, “We are a global chain of veterinary experts making the most of veterinary care training and expert advice from the United States and Japan. Whether it is preventive care, rare diseases or surgeries, we use the best equipment and techniques. Indian vets are handpicked and trained to meet global standards. Our approach to merging technology with veterinary care is a first of its kind, with the launch of the DCC PetConnect app. “

Although general medical services are only provided in Delhi and Gurugram, their telehealth platform provides veterinary advice to clients across India.

DCC Veterinary Hospital

The growth

According to the Indian Federation of Animal Health, the Indian animal health market is estimated at around Rs 6,000 crore in 2021. Data collection platform predicts that the Indian veterinary healthcare market will register a CAGR of 7.98% from 2021 to 26, reaching $ 1,697.15 million by 2026, showing immense growth potential.

Ohhun says, “Unlike other startups, the initial investment required to launch both veterinary hospitals and software was not small for us. There are some things that cannot be compromised when building hospitals because the ultimate goal is to save lives. Therefore, the amount of money we invested to start the above project is around Rs 80-90 million.

With the increase in time spent at home due to the pandemic, people have started adopting new pets in greater numbers. CDC has launched a new remote consultation initiative using teleconferencing tools, which was well received. All of this has contributed to their growth.

“We opened our first veterinary clinic at Greater Kailash II in Delhi in October 2020. The flagship veterinary hospital was then officially launched in March 2021. We now receive around 700 visits per month at both branches. There is still room for more, so we would like to continue to increase the number of activities that lead to an increase in the number of visits and at the same time, save more lives. We strive to reach as many pets as possible in need so that the best treatment can be delivered to them, ”he says.

However, they also faced challenges. Due to the current FDI rules, as a foreign company, it is allowed to provide medical services, but cannot sell medicine or pet items to the hospital. They therefore had to partner with external partners, and it was difficult to find high quality services for this purpose.

They are now focusing on expand their existing hospital clientele, as well as the number of branches. In addition, they are working to speed up digitization.

Ohhun explains, “We would like to digitize the entire lifecycle of the hospital experience. In our existing hospitals all records are kept electronically and we plan to open some of them for the benefit of clients by launching an app in the near future. We will also activate payments on the app. We will try to eliminate customer weak points as much as possible and make DCC Animal Hospital a place that can offer value beyond medical services. It is not only for India, but also for our group company in Japan.

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