Upcoming Free Medical Services in Scott County

HELENWOOD, Tenn. (WATE) – Catholic Charities is filling gaps in rural Scott County after noticing health care shortages in the area.

Saint Mary’s Legacy Clinic, a mobile medical mission, will now offer its services in Scott County through a partnership with Catholic Charities. The clinic offers a range of primary care services, including treatment plans provided by medical professionals, prescriptions, lab work and more.

Additionally, Catholic Charities has just opened a new Pregnancy Support Center in Helenwood. The center will help with pregnancy tests and adoption options, while providing diapers, formula and even cribs to parents in need.

It is a resource that has been needed for some time in the region.

“Tennessee is second in the nation for rural hospital closures. Scott County recently experienced one of these hospital closures. We came to Scott County to meet the needs of the uninsured and to help fill the void that hospital closures have created here,” said Martin Vargas, executive director of Saint Mary’s Legacy Clinic.

“We definitely feel the need here because there aren’t a lot of social services that the community can participate in,” said Lisa Healy, chief executive of Catholic Charities. “The health care that was here was closed, there weren’t a lot of options. We see our pregnant mothers going all the way to Knoxville to give birth to their babies.

All services offered by Saint Mary’s Legacy Clinic are free. The clinic will be on site at St. Jude’s Catholic Church on the third Tuesday of each month and will offer telehealth services in between. The new pregnancy center will be open three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.