Wadley Regional Medical Center opens new cancer center

TEXARKANA, Texas — Wadley Regional Medical Center recently opened its cancer center under the medical direction of medical oncologist Dr. Hesham Hazin.

The center is the second cancer hospital in Texarkana, the other being at CHRISTUS St. Michael’s Hospital. There is a dedicated entrance and parking lot at the corner of 11th and Olive streets.

Dr. Hazin said he and his staff will work closely with treating physicians to provide the best possible care to each patient.

“It’s the first of its kind at Wadley,” he said. “We will be offering consultations to patients who have newly diagnosed malignancies, bloodborne or solid. All comers are welcome. We are treating patients with conventional chemotherapies, as well as immunological agents, which are the newest, the newest and best cancer treatment. All of this will be available at Wadley, which has never been available here before.”

Hazin worked at CHRISTUS for five years before briefly leaving Texarkana. He has now returned to the area to join Wadley.

“We are very happy that Dr. Hazin wanted to come back and practice in Texarkana,” said chief marketing officer Shelby Brown. “The relationship with your oncologist is important for every patient going through cancer. I speak from experience, as I lived through breast cancer eight years ago.

“Cancer patients are vulnerable and completely trust their doctor to guide them through the best treatment options to fight cancer. Dr. Hazin has a great doctor/patient relationship, and many patients were very happy to learn that he was back.”

Hazin said he was thrilled to have the opportunity to return and serve the Texarkana community.

“Coming here has been a breath of fresh air for the practice of hematology and oncology,” he said. “The community was great and welcomed me with open arms. The rapport I have with patients is like no other. I love dealing with this community and their needs.”

He said it is better to be treated at home than far away, and this center will allow more people to seek treatment closer to home.

“The reach here in Texarkana is about 350,000 to 400,000 (people), so we’re underserved in terms of oncology here. There are four other oncologists in the area, and they’re inundated with patients. So, Having a second cancer center in Texarkana is huge for the community and the city.”

The Texarkana area has a greater number of risk factors for lung cancer than surrounding areas due to a lower average smoking age, Hazin said. He said he hopes the increase in cancer care will help bring more relief to lung cancer patients, as well as all cancer patients.

“I think it’s great, with CHRISTUS in the north and us in the south,” he said. “I don’t see CHRISTUS as competition, I see them as a partner for a whole cancer care community working together. We have modalities that they may not have, and they have modalities that we maybe we don’t have, so I think it’s great that patients can come and get needed care from one or the other.”

The full list of center services includes:

• Consultation in hematology/oncology

• Risk assessment

• Bone marrow test

• Immunotherapy

• Monoclonal antibody therapy

• Chemotherapy

• Hormone therapy

• Infusion therapy

• Hydration therapy

• Genetic counseling

(Dr. Hazin accepts appointments from new and existing patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 903-798-8700.)