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When Sean Skelton, an employee of Williamson Medical Center in the surgical department, heard the news of the devastation caused by the flooding in Waverly, Tennessee, he felt called to do something.

He saw Phil Mazzuca, CEO of the hospital, at work and asked if the hospital could organize relief. Mazzuca quickly contacted the Williamson Medical Center Foundation office at the hospital, and Leigh Williamson Goodgine, the foundation’s development director, began putting a plan in place to involve the hospital and employees.

Goodgine was presented with the story of a hospital worker working on her days off with disaster recovery by Susan Morris, WMC’s director of surgery.

Molly Callicott works at PACU at WMC, and her husband, Clayton, is the principal of Waverly College. The couple were committed to the community and were delighted that the hospital wanted to get involved.

Callicott shared the needs of families who had been displaced. Initially, the 60 families were housed in two older hotels outside of town. They had lost everything and hotels did not offer food service, so they mostly ate at local gas stations and a fast food restaurant.

The hospital implemented a three-pronged plan.

Williamson Medical Center sent items donated to flood victims in Waverly, Tennessee.

WMC, through its foundation, donated $ 5,000 in cash to the Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, noting that the money was in honor of each of the five Williamson County Rotary clubs in the district 6760. The money is combined with a matching challenge of $ 25,000 and will help fund One Generation Away’s efforts to feed the residents of Waverly over the next 24 months.

Mazzuca, along with other Rotarians, presented a check to WMC hospitalist and Rotary district governor Dr Michael Babb on Friday, September 21, at the hospital.

With Callicott’s help, the team created a list of items that would meet basic needs, including juice, microwave-safe items, blankets, clothing, and portable children’s toys. WMC Foundation volunteers, Helen Williams and Janice Bobo, came to the hospital and organized the items to help the donation run smoothly.

In addition, the foundation established a fund and raised $ 2,175 in cash donations, which was allocated to the Waverly Children’s Fund through the Bank of Perry County.

“Our staff are exhausted from caring for people over the past 18 months of the pandemic,” Goodgine said. “However, the employees came together to donate items, offer cash donations and make this donation possible.”

The hospital’s supply chain staff loaded Callicott and her mother’s vehicles with items to deliver to the Waverly families.

“I just wanted to let you know that everything we took from WMC was gone in an afternoon,” Callicott told the foundation. “I couldn’t believe it was going so fast, but everything was very well and organized, so it was going fast. Thanks again to everyone.

To learn more about the WMC Foundation, visit www.williamsonmedicalcenter.org.


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